About me

For over 20 years I’ve been intrigued with sculpting portraits – the challenge for me is to capture something special about the person. Same for animals – they have personalities too!

I love making anything from miniatures and jewellery, to monumental sculptures (the most unusual being a life size elephant bull!). Like with jewellery, my larger sculpture work is usually also custom commissions.

Working as a sculptor allows me to experiment with different materials and scales. I love the feeling of creating something with just my hands and a favourite tool or two.

I find Jewellery making is just a smaller form of sculpture. Working small can be as challenging and time consuming as doing bigger pieces!

Being involved in as much of the making process as I can allows me to pay attention to the small details and the feel of materials.

For me the work is about making special connections. This is why I focus on unique, custom pieces and bring a personal touch right to the end!

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